Thursday Sock-Along: The Finished Sock

28137175102_85d8ec2d74_cBehold…a finished sock! Over the weekend I managed to complete sock number one. Once I got past the gusset, things went quickly. With the help of the YouTube videos I’d been watching, I managed the toe shaping and the Kitchener stitch closure. I anticipated problems with the Kitchener stitch as I’ve heard other people in the past dreading that step of sock knitting, but I didn’t have a hard time at all with the process.


It’s a little loosey goosey in the gusset area, but other than that it fit my foot. At first I was afraid that I’d started the toe shaping too soon and that the sock might end up being too small, but in the end it turned out all right. However, this yarn is awful for sock knitting. It’s way too stiff and scratchy, and not at all comfortable on the foot, so I’ve decided not to bother with the second sock.

Instead I’m going to try the Rose City Rollers pattern. I’m an anklet kinda girl and these look like the perfect pair of socks to work on.

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Thursday Sock-Along: My First Sock

IMG_3446If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve been knitting for around 15 years or so. I’m not the greatest knitter, nor am I the most knowledgeable knitter. And I’m certainly not the most adventurous knitter. The projects I’ve attempted have been wraps, afghans, scarves, and dishcloths. I’ve stayed put in my comfort zone, which evidently equates to only knitting things that are square or rectangular. I haven’t ventured too much into the realm of apparel…unless you count the sweater I made for my dog a couple of years ago.

I did attempt socks once many years ago when I was a fairly new knitter. It was my first experience using DPNs. Shortly after the cast on, I decided it would be my last experience using DPNs. However, I didn’t want to give up on sock knitting entirely. About a week ago I went on an internet search for an easy sock pattern for beginners and found  Easy Peasy Socks, a pattern that called for worsted weight yarn.


I went through my stash and found this skein of Big Twist. I picked it simply because I had enough yards, not for the quality of the fiber. After reading through the pattern, I felt like I needed a visual on how to start, so I immediately went to YouTube and found Very Pink Knits series of how-to videos. Her instructions were pretty straight forward and it took me no time at all to get started. I quickly got through the cuff, started the heel flap, and then turned the heel.


I got a little nervous about picking up stitches for the gusset, and I’ll admit it was not my favorite part of the sock, but I managed to get it done. Now I’m working on the foot and hopefully by next Thursday I will have at least one completed sock.

Oh, in case you’re interested, here’s a list of the videos I’m using to help with my sock:

The pattern discussed in the videos is slightly different than the one I’m using, but I think it can be purchased via her website.

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