Song Title Inspiration

Once again, I’ve scrolled through my MP3 player to find some song titles to inspire your next story.  Quite an interesting mix of tunes. I see romance, Sci Fi, thriller…hey, even a little erotica.

Pick one, listen to the song if you’d like and then write a story. Next week I’ll give you ten more titles to spark your creativity.


Why I Read Romance

When I pick up a book, I want to be temporarily transported to another place and time. Most nights, one hour before bed, I read. For those sixty minutes I’m able to forget about the daily grind and immerse myself into another world. I look forward to this time. For me, reading has always been about escape. And that is what romance fiction is – an escape.

A lot of people think romance writing is crap. They call it fluff, trash, smut, a waste of time. I call it pure entertainment.

Here’s what I like about romance novels

  • Watching how the relationship develops and the excitement that goes along with that process – the first kiss, the ups and downs, misunderstandings, will it all work out in the end??? (yes, we know it will, but it’s still entertaining to read about what the hero and heroine have to go through on their way to a happy ending)
  • Quirky sidekick characters – great for a laugh and adds to the entertainment
  • Setting – from small towns to glamorous locales
  • Characters to root for – I want the heroine to win in the end!!!
  • A guaranteed happy ending – I mean, that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

What I don’t like

  • Flat characters that have no chemistry. If you can’t relate to the characters, or worse, you just don’t like them, then who cares how it ends.
  • Stale, overdone tropes – secret babies, marriage of convenience, the big misunderstanding, etc. There is nothing wrong with these themes. They just need to be written from a fresh perspective.
  • Stories with too many characters and subplots. I hate it when I can’t remember who’s who in a book. It disrupts the flow if I have to stop and try to remember who a character is or what role they are playing in the story.

The bottom line is when I read I want to be entertained, and that’s what romance fiction does for me.

How do you feel about the romance genre? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? Why do you read romance?

Song Title Inspiration

I love the song, Whiskey Drinking Woman by Nazareth. The other day while getting ready for work I heard it and my creative juices started to flow.

I asked myself questions like Who is this whiskey drinking woman and why does she drink so much? What does she look like? What led her to become such a lush? Is she a sloppy drunk or does she have a high tolerance? Does she spend her nights praying to the porcelain god? What do her loved ones think of her excessive drinking? How does it affect them?, etc., etc., etc.

Later that day, I scrolled through my MP3 player to see what other song titles would make good story starters. I found a lot, so I thought I’d share.

Pick one, listen to the song if you’d like and then write a story. Next week I’ll give you ten more titles to spark your creativity.

I Suck At Updating

Looks like I’ve gone and neglected my blog once again. It certainly wasn’t intentional, but time management hasn’t been my strong suit of late.

In the month or so since my last post, I’ve been busy working on some writing projects. I completed one short story and submitted it to Woman’s World Magazine at the end of February. Fingers crossed that they’ll love it and buy it.

Now, I’m working on another story to submit, but I’m having trouble with this particular one. It wants to exceed the 800-word max that WW allows for in their romance fiction. So I’ll be tweaking and playing around with this story for a little longer than I planned.

As far as my blog goes, I do want to start updating regularly. With some proper planning, I think I can swing two or three posts a week. I have some ideas for recurring posts that I’m going to add into the mix, and hopefully those will begin this week or next week.

One of these days I will get my shit together, sooner rather than later, I hope!